EBT Thefts in Louisiana: It’s not stealing if you are a hungry poor person…right?

A glitch in the EBT system that processes transaction for SNAP (food stamps) purchases caused cards for Louisiana recipients to show an unlimited spending balance this weekend. During the 2-hour glitch, one Wal-mart store saw crowds that would put a hurricane-preparedness-rush to shame, clearing shelves, and spending like there was no tomorrow; all with their government issued EBT cards.  Instead of going to the store to buy grocery items for their family as they normally would, many people decided that the glitch was an early Christmas present. I mean, who would turn down “free money”, right? Who is to blame for this situation, really? The store, the government, or the spenders?

Wal-mart employees contacted their managers and corporate offices to find out what they were supposed to do when “unlimited” showed up on an EBT card. They were told to let the cardholder spend. Spend away, they said. Why? Because Wal-mart knew they would be demonized by the media and the democratic left if they were seen denying poor people from buying food. They succumbed to political fear and allowed people to run up, in some cases, $1000 shopping totals on a taxpayer-funded assistance program that is intended to supplement, not replace, a person’s income. Is Wal-mart really the bad guy here?

Should the blame be, more appropriately, put on the system that allowed such a “glitch” to happen? Should we blame the lack of preparedness of our government for a situation like this? I don’t understand how a single power outage in one area of the country could cause such a costly and preventable error. Could anyone imagine if this happened to a credit card company? If credit cardholders suddenly noticed they had no credit limit and started spending obscene amounts of money without any thought for the consequences, the credit card issuer would spend years trying to recoup the funds from those cardholders and probably go out of business while doing so. Will our government do the same thing with the EBT cardholders?

My own opinion is that the majority of the blame falls on those who saw the mistake, knew they didn’t really have unlimited funds to spend, and chose to rob the system blind anyway. This behavior is the result of government dependency that has gotten out of hand. Being in poverty or just in need of a helping hand does not entitle anyone to take advantage of a system that is funded by those who chose not to use or do not need help to pay bills or buy food. People spending more in one night than many families spend in a month, just because they could, leads me to question the integrity of the program and the people using it.

Shelves in Louisiana Walmart stores were cleared out after computer glitch removed limits from EBT cards.

Shelves in Louisiana Walmart stores were cleared out after computer glitch removed limits from EBT cards.

I am angry at those individuals who chose to steal from me, you, and every other taxpayer in this country. I can’t believe that those thieves thought it was perfectly okay to just spend whatever they wanted and nobody would care. They knew what they received each month and chose to ignore it in order to pickpocket a system while it wasn’t looking. Why not just go rob a store while it’s closed? It’s the same thing. You would be taking something that isn’t yours just because you can. 

Packed shopping carts abandoned at Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, La., after EBT glitch was corrected that had removed card balances.

Packed shopping carts abandoned at Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, La., after EBT glitch was corrected that had removed card balances.

To those on the left who are trying to defend the thievery that occurred in Louisiana with arguments about “panicked poor people who didn’t know when they would get their next meal because of the government shutdown”: Really? Are you honestly trying to explain a $1000 grocery bill in one night with “they were scared”? That’s bullshit. They weren’t scared. They knew the system was having issues and that the store wasn’t going to stop them. They knew that this could be the only time they would be able to spend this much money on things they don’t really need so they took advantage of it and walked to their cars with a huge smile on their faces. They spread the word to others so more people could take advantage of the system too. These people had no integrity, no honor, no conscience that would normally stop any other person from taking so much money from the government. They didn’t even consider that they may lose their next month’s benefits or the one after that in order to repay the government or that they could be prosecuted for theft. Their only thought was, “Holy shit! I can buy whatever I want! Spending spree, bitches!” Why else would they abandon carts full of food when the glitch was fixed if they were really so hungry and in need? That’s what your beloved welfare system has done to our country. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “EBT Thefts in Louisiana: It’s not stealing if you are a hungry poor person…right?

  1. When I saw your comment on my site “It’s not stealing if you are a hungry poor person…right?” I wasn’t sure if it was satire or for real. Now that I’ve read this post, I understand. Great work and couldn’t agree more!

  2. HOOOOLY… wow. Yet I’m sitting here worried if I’ll ever see another GI Bill payment. Lord, can’t they just glitch up and pay next semester’s tution?!

    • I know the feeling. I’m worried about my disability pmt. But I think both sides need to compromise on the debt & spending instead of the GOP caving in to President Stompy Foot’s “I won’t negotiate” all or nothing demands

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